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Why Atlantic Financial Advisors?

The logo says it all, Atlantic Financial Advisors, LLC is just a little “Out-of-the-Box.”

Like other financial advisors Scott offers access to stocks, bonds, funds, and money management, but also all types of annuities, and exposure to non-correlated alternative Assets, like what some of the largest endowments like those at the universities of Yale & Harvard, use as they seek to reduce risk and improve overall returns.

Scott also offers access to many FDIC insured investments that are like conventional CD's but are designed to pursue greater growth potential while still keeping FDIC protection. There are also Closed-end Funds which are designed to offer growth potential and be income producing.

At Atlantic Financial Advisors each customer is treated as a unique individual with individual needs and goals which requires designing customized plans with YOUR goals in mind.

We believe investors make better investment decisions by taking part in the planning process.

We are independent, and therefore do not feel any pressure to push any product or service.

While some financial advisors may offer "fee-only" financial planning, we don't assume that every customer wants to pay advisory fees year after year after year. While “fee-based” professional and ACTIVE money management is an option for some, we also understand that some clients prefer having options in choosing how they want to pay us.

At Atlantic Financial Advisors you have a choice.  Would you prefer to pay an annual fee for professional money management? Would you rather only pay commissions in a brokerage account?


Many studies have shown that even millionaires worry about their income. We believe that most investors, given the opportunity, would like a portion of their life savings to offer guaranteed income for life* without giving up stock market returns. 

All contract guarantees and payout rates are subject to the claims-paying ability and financial strength of the issuing insurance company.


Atlantic Financial Advisors, LLC offers fee-based professionally managed portfolios, as well as offering access to many alternative investments such as Real Estate Partnerships, REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trusts), Leasing Programs, fixed and variable annuities, and Oil & Gas Partnerships


We take pride in working with a limited number of clients to ensure attentive service and high quality advice. We spend more time getting to know you, so we can focus on your unique circumstances and goals as we work together to build a customized financial, retirement and estate plan. Our services are uniquely tailored to each of our client's specific needs.


Unlike some firms and funds which may not believe it’s time to change direction, we believe there are certain events which should cause prudent investors to consider taking profits in favor of cash or non-correlated assets. Non-Correlated means the assets are designed to not be correlated with, or move in lock-step with stock or bond markets. Real-estate for example increased in value during the crash of 2000, when the stock market plummeted.

Some firms and funds try to explain why you should ride the market down or be a "buy and hold" investor. We believe that if you are on the train tracks, and you see a train coming, you should probably get off the tracks and let it pass – then if appropriate get back on after the train goes by.

We focus on keeping your investment costs down while building portfolios with assets which you can be confident in during good times and bad.

If you have a stock, fund or ETF portfolio, but don’t know the risk level, or what you could potentially lose in the next market crash, click below. You will be directed to our Riskalyze, Risk analysis program to learn more.


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MorningStar Analysis & Reporting software

Riskalyze Portfolio Risk Analytics

Money Management Platforms

  • NFS (National Financial Services - a Fidelity Company)
  • Pershing
  • Schwab
  • Envestnet
  • Morningstar
  • W.E. Donoghue for ACTIVELY & Professionally Managed  Portfolios
  • EQIS for ACTIVELY & Professionally Managed Portfolios
  • FTJ Fundchoice for  ACTIVELY & Professionally Managed Portfolios

Private & Senior Secured Debt Funds

Real Estate Investments

Fixed and Variable Annuities